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My Chemical Romance Fan Fiction Requests.

This is a community for people who enjoy reading My Chemical Romance fan fiction that includes both Het and Slash. I got tired of entries in fan fiction communities requesting for only a certain pairing or stories that only involved so and so being a dom, or so and so getting hurt or whatever. So I made this here community so people can request stories without being banned or told its not allowed. I dont care what you request as long as it involves one or hell, all the guys from My Chemical Romance. You may request stories by author, genre, rating, pairing, theme, and even kink. There are a few rules though....

1. Dont ask for a story that isnt My Chemical Romance related.
2. Dont request any pictures, interviews, etc. We just want requests/recommendations here.
3. Dont comment on an entry saying how sick or fucked up the posters request/recommendation is. Fan Fiction knows no limits.
4. Use Proper english please. No sticky caps.
5. Contact the maintainer first if you want to promote your community or if you have a problem.
6. Dont cause drama.
7. Dont post your fan fiction here. You can post your stories in Mychemicalslash or one of the many other slash communities. Requests and recommendations are allowed. Posting your own fiction isnt.
8. No posts asking for the title or link to a fic you cant find. Save those sorts of things for Mcrficfinder.

A good request - "Im looking for any stories where the guys are vampires." or "Im looking for any story where Frankie crossdresses".
A bad request - "Im looking for that story where the the guys go to that place and so and so end up falling in love and so and so is jealous." Try Mcrficfinder for asking where stories like that are.

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